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Do you have a pricing policy?Updated 2 months ago

Luminara does not offer a pre-purchase, or post-purchase, price match guarantee, nor the ability to partially refund an order that has already shipped.

We recognize that other retail outlets may advertise and sell Luminara products at a lower price at any given time. We make every effort to have our partners follow our MSRP pricing, however, our retail partners do operate independently of We do not have the ability to control or monitor all instances and circumstances where their pricing may be different, either higher or lower, than the MSRP, discount price, or offer from

When placing an order, all prices, discounts and promotional offers can be confirmed at checkout. Any new pricing, discount promotional offers do not apply to, nor can they be combined with, any previous or existing purchase, promotion, or discount.

Discount codes cannot be combined with already discounted Clearance and Sale items.

Luminara reserves the right to modify or change this policy at any time.

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