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Do Luminara candles have a warranty?Updated a month ago

Yes. Your Luminara product comes with a 90-day warranty from the time of purchase. If you purchased your candle on and are having problems with your candle within 90 days of purchase, please create a warranty claim via this link:

We require photographic or video proof of defect to approve a warranty claim. 

Any damage caused by neglect, misuse, exposure to excessive heat/cold/moisture or improper battery installation is NOT covered by this warranty.  

Proof of purchase (sales receipt/credit card transaction/packing slip, etc.) is required for a replacement. If the item was not purchased on, the best option for you to quickly get a replacement is to return the defective item to the retailer you purchased it from. 

If you cannot get a resolution from the retailer, please reach out to our customer service team with proof of purchase.  

Please note: In some cases, the replacement item may not match the size, shape, scent or color due to limited stock. Full warranty details are included with every Luminara product in the user manual or can be downloaded here

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