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My batteries created corrosion and candle won't function, help!Updated 2 months ago

Battery corrosion can cause poor contact between the battery and the springs, leading to candle malfunction. Follow these steps if you have battery corrosion affecting your candle.

  • To clean the springs, apply a few drops of a household acid, such as vinegar or lemon juice to the affected areas. Both of these liquids work to neutralize the alkaline discharge of batteries. Wait a minute or two for the neutralizing effect to take place.

  • Use a Q-tip to gently wipe away the crystalline white residue from wherever the leak may have spread. Double-check all areas of the battery compartment and contact points on the battery door including the springs/coils so that you don’t miss any of the residue. Address lingering residue with a toothpick.

  • Ensure the battery cover and compartment are completely dry and clean before reinserting the batteries. Debris blocking the connection can also be an issue.
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