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Our troubleshooting guide covers battery problems, remote control issues, flame effect malfunctions, and more. Get step-by-step instructions to quickly resolve any problems and keep your Luminara candles glowing perfectly.

My candle won't turn on / stay on, what should I do?

We've identified three common reasons why a candle may not turn on, stay lit, or respond to the timer/remote: dead batteries, battery door connection issues, or the need for a reset. If you purchased your candle on in the last 30 days, p

The wick on my candle is not moving, what should I do?

If the flame tip is not moving/flickering you can gently try to nudge or tug (re-position) the flame so that it sits properly on the hook or wire. Please be very careful when doing this as the tip can break easily and we do not have replacement parts

The light is blinking on my candle, what does this mean?

A blinking light from your candle indicates that your batteries are low and it is time to change them.

The battery cover won't stay shut, what should I do?

Please make sure your batteries are inserted properly, while also ensuring that the batteries are the correct size. Replace the cover so that the notch inserts and clicks into the slot. The + and a – sign indicating which direction you should insert

My batteries created corrosion and candle won't function, help!

Battery corrosion can cause poor contact between the battery and the springs, leading to candle malfunction. Follow these steps if you have battery corrosion affecting your candle.