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Timer Feature

Learn about the timer feature of your Luminara flameless candles. This section provides detailed instructions on how to set, adjust, and troubleshoot the built-in timer.

How do I set up the timer?

With any Luminara candle, you will see the flame blink twice when the timer is activated. To enable the timer on your Luminara candle with a switch, slide the power switch at the bottom of your candle to the "TIMER" position. For outdoor candles, tap

How long does the timer stay on?

Once you enable the timer function, the candle will stay on for 5 hours and then remain off for 19 hours. This 24 hour cycle will repeat continuously until you switch the timer function off. If you enable the timer from a remote control, the hours on

How do I set up the timer on my outdoor candle?

You can set the timer on outdoor candles by pushing the button on the bottom of the candle twice. You will see the candle blink twice when the timer is activated. If you are using a remote to set your timer, you will need to push the button once to s